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Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Did you know? A third of all plastic litter in the sea is made up of plastic bottles. You might have been making a concerted effort to cut back on the amount of single-use plastic goods you buy, which is great news, but if you find you've got a plastic bottle that you've finished with, don't throw it away, give it another use in life with these bird feeders.

Materials Needed

Empty plastic bottle, scissors (you might want to use a craft knife too if that’s easier), bird seed, two plastic or wooden spoons and some string.

Step 1

Cut two holes in your plastic bottle, make sure they are directly opposite each other. These holes will be for the wooden spoon to go through

Step 2

Put your wooden or plastic spoon through the bottle to make sure the holes are lined up. Then cut one bigger hole above the two holes you have already made. This will be for the birds to get the food out out of.

Step 4

Fill the bottle with bird seed and place the lid back on.

Step 5

Tie your string around the top of the bottle. It’s then ready to hang in your garden.

It’s then ready to hang in your garden. You can use small or big plastic bottles to make these bird feeders. Have fun.

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