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Our Displays (by James).

Here at Busy Bodies we believe in the importance of displaying the unique and beautiful creations of the children. Our displays are a reflection of the children who attend the setting and therefore all unique but all equally special.

Over the past 18 years the aims of displays have changed and evolved. When I first started at Busy Bodies the displays were 80-90% the adults work with a little bit of support from the staff. Nowadays the theory and practice of creating a display is totally different (thank goodness).

Our displays our an opportunity to display the creations of the children. They are often linked to a season, theme or overall concept / design but that is the only boundary. Children are then free to create work that is unique to them at their own unique stage and age of development. By working collaboratively on these displays you can often see that the artwork created share aspects of design and technique. This is one of the main advantages of having 2 - 4 year olds as the younger children can observe and mimic the actions and thought processes of older children. Teacher input is minimal unless they are asked to help as the idea is to develop our collaborative working skills and independence.

I am proud of the displays at Busy Bodies and we often have fantastic feedback from parents/carers, inspectors and visitors on the displays and overall environment. We will continue to evolve and the next step will be to move to more neutral backgrounds that make the displays stand out even more.

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