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New Outdoor Area


The space will be available to the children who attend upstairs and downstairs as well as before/ after school club and holiday club. 

We would also look to open the area one Saturday morning a month for parents/ carers in the community to use.

The area will have a few areas but the majority of the space will be kept open and flexible. The aim will be for the children to use this space in different ways depending on their interests, stage of development and how they feel on the day. 


We are very excited to announce that from January 2022 our outdoor area has been expanding and improving. 

We have creating a large wildlife and nature space. The area  provides opportunity for children to explore the changing seasons, growing, wildlife and much much more. 

The new outdoor space is linked to our current outdoor space and we try to open it up for all children as often as we can. 

Please see the video below for an introduction to the space. 

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