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About Us

Our Background
Downstairs (2.5 years old to School Age)

Busy Bodies Child Care Centre was established in 2018 as a Pre-school, Holiday Club and Before and After School Club by James Boddey.

We are open Monday to Friday from: 8:00am to 5:30pm.

We offer a Before and After School club for 5 - 11 year olds which is co-ordinated with St Laurence's Primary School.  

Our aim is to enhance the development and education of children in a safe, secure and stimulating environment with a relaxed atmosphere.  We offer children a specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning outcomes with an emphasis on learning through play.

We also offer a very good standard of individual care and attention with a high ratio of adults to children. 


Busy Bodies charges £5:50  an hour (2 Year Olds and Older) and £6.00 an hour (Under 2s) and offer flexible care for all children.  We do not run a session system but instead you can choose the hours that you want your child/children to attend.  This enables us to fit more effectively into family life as we are there for when you need us. 

At Busy Bodies we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of early years childcare and education to all our children. Our nursery environment focuses on encouraging children’s independence and choice, to support their learning. We encourage exploration, investigation and fun through freedom of choice, child centred activities and adult support and interaction.

The nursery environment also ensures that nursery activities and resources aid children in achieving in the seven areas of development.

Planning for our children’s nursery education starts with the child. The Nursery team observe their key children daily and make notes on their observations in order to plan how they can further extend and support the child’s learning and development in specific areas.

Children’s own work and creations are valued through discussions, displays and recognition. Staff inform parents each day what their children have been doing to enable parents to discuss and share these experiences with their child.

Upstairs (9 months to 2.5 years old)

Our Upstairs Room is a carefully designed environment where young children are nurtured and provided with a safe, calm and responsive atmosphere. The emotional and physical environment is designed in a way that supports children in developing relationships, exploring, learning and being curious.  

The young children follow their home routines as much as possible in this room and have allocated bedding which is stored in named, zip lock pockets for when they need to sleep. We have cots for the very young children to sleep in, the older children have beds made up in the cosy area for them to rest or sleep.  

Regular snacks and drinks are provided for the young children during the day, as well as individual children having their bottles as per their home routines. Care giving routines such as nappy changes and bottle feeding are carried out by the child’s Key Person. This develops key attachments which are vital for personal, social and emotional development.  

Activities are planned for each individual child as well as planned activities for the group as a whole. An individual learning journey is maintained for each child by their key person, and their is individual targets and progress will be recorded through this. These activities, plans, observations and all other information is shared with parents/carers on a regular basis.  

"Friendly, polite and happy team"

"The staff have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me, especially after the girls Father left is. The girls key workers have been amazing".

"The girls are incredibly fond of their keyworker and love all of the staff"

"I leave my child feeling 100% happy and confident that he is in a safe place with attentive, experienced and caring staff".

"Friendly staff, very welcoming atmosphere".

"Very good centre. Parents are involved and suggestions taken on board. Child development is exemplary".


What people say.....
What people say.....

"Kept very well informed. Communication is excellent and children are well cared for"

"It is a happy and safe environment"

"All members of staff are friendly, inviting and really approachable"

"We are so happy with the care our son has received. He is always ready to go on the days he attends. He has made friends and enjoys it".

"My son loves it. He is really coming on leaps and bounds. The staff are fab. My son loves telling us what he has been doing. We cannot speak highly enough of Busy Bodies".

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