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At Busy Bodies we acknowledge that childhood is not a race and a time to be enjoyed and cherished. We want children to have the freedom to explore their own interests and ideas so they learn and develop in their own unique way. 


Time In Nature

Nature is the ideal classroom. There is no other place that can both calm and stimulate the senses. And no other place that can ignite the imagination and silence us with wonder all at once. 

Children's self directed outdoor play provides opportunities for developing initiative, persistence, invention and problem solving. All skills that are the foundation for academic and life success. 


Time For Childhood

We believe that childhood is not to be rushed. We believe that childhood is a time to foster wonder, creativity and discovery through play and exploration. 

Pre-school is not school. Children will have lots of time for adult led activities and focused learning activities. We want them to have the time to explore their own ideas and enjoy every moment. 


Time For Exploration

We believe that we learn best and develop as unique individuals only when we have the time to explore. Exploring our ideas, thoughts and feelings is the first step in reflecting and growing. We will create an environment that allows children time to explore. 

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